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About Wellville Farm
Wellville Farm is a family-owned and operated beef cattle farm located in Nottoway County just east of Blackstone, Virginia. Wellville Farm was originally founded in 1948 by George P. Kite, Sr. and his wife Juanita G. Kite after relocating from Tennessee following Mr. Kite's service in the Pacific during WWII. The farm was initially started as a registered Guernsey dairy operation and later converted to a beef cattle operation in 1982.

Today, the farm is owned and operated by second-generation caretaker George P. Kite, Jr. Mr. Kite personally attends to each of the animals and performs all regular maintenance and upkeep activities around the farm. The farm includes woodlands, hay fields, rotational pastures, and an orchard with apple, pear and pecan trees. Additionally, the farm is the proud home to many local wildlife species found in southern Virginia (Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Bobcat, Rabbit, Black Bear, Fox, etc.).

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