Quality Hay
Registered Angus & Hereford Genetics
Hay and pasture land at Wellville Farm is made up of Bermuda Grass, Clover, Fescue, Orchard Grass, and grasses native to Nottoway County Virginia.  Organic fertilizer (chicken litter) is primarily used.  Commercial fertilizer and lime are used sparilngly in order to bring the land to desired productive levels.  We do not use human waste/sludge on any of our hay or pasture lands.  Herbicides are used sparingly to safeguard the cattle and the environment.   

​At times, Wellville Farm may have excess hay for sale. We produce large round bales (4’x 5’) of Orchard Grass/Fescue mix that are secured by either plastic net wrap or traditional bailing twine. We allow for pickup direct from our farm or we can schedule a delivery to your location (additional charge applies). Please contact us for more details and to check availability.  
The foundation of the herd at Wellville Farm is based on registered Hereford heifers.  At two years of age, they were crossed with a Rito bull from Wehrmann Angus of New Market, Virginia.  This hybrid cross has produced medium-framed cattle that thrive on grass and finish out very well.  Rito bulls are nationally known for producing excellent mature cows with great maternal traits.  Additional registered Angus cows and heifers have been purchased from Mystic Hill Farm in Culpepper, Virginia and Quaker Hill Farm in Louisa, Virginia.  The current herd sires are a Waylon bull (Angus) purchased from Knoll Crest Farm and a Duke bull (Hereford) that was born on the farm.

We retain certain steers for our beef development program, but we also raise "black baldie" bulls and heifers to sell as commercial stock.

Why use registered animals for beef?  Known genetics produce a known product that can be further developed for desirable traits. Wellville Farm occasionally offers registered Angus bull calves for sale to cattle producers. Please contact us for more details and to check availability.