Wellville Farm Natural Beef
The current herd at Wellville Farm started with all registered stock with proven genetics. A registered Angus bull sires the herd, and calves are born to a combination of registered Angus cows and Hereford-Angus cross cows. Our cattle are bred for natural feed efficiency with the goal of producing more usable beef for our customers. Some customers want strictly grass-fed beef while others prefer the fat marbling that only grain finishing can provide.  

Wellville Farm Natural Angus beef is humanely raised and humanely slaughtered. We care for our animals with respect, and stand behind our promise of your total satisfaction. Our customers take pride in knowing exactly where their beef came from, how it was raised, and that the food delivery chain to their table was a totally transparent process.

Beef is sold in quantities of halves or wholes.  Your beef purchase includes all cuts and varieties including steaks, roasts, ground chuck, stew beef, etc.  Orders are typically placed in the fall and spring.  Please contact us directly for more information regarding pricing and logistics.  

The Wellville Farm Natural Beef Difference:
1. NO Growth Hormones/Steroids (Ralgro implants, etc.)
2. NO Excess Antibiotics (Chlorotetracycline Crumbles, Monensin, etc.)
3. NO Sewage Sludge (Human Biosolids) on our Pastures and Hayfields
4. Grass-Fed on our Pastures and Hay (Fescue, Orchard Grass, etc.)
5. Locally Raised, Responsibly Managed & Humanely Processed
6. Operational Transparency
7. Leaner vs. Traditional Feedlot Beef
8. Grain-Finished Option for Enhanced Marbling at Customer Request